Four our gutter design and materials we use Custom-Bilt Metals

The continuous gutter systems provided by Custom-Bilt Metals offer deep-seated quality that goes beyond mere aesthetics. Not only do they efficiently channel water, but they also serve as steadfast protectors of your home. These gutter systems are tailored on-site to each home’s unique dimensions by skilled contractors who ensure a harmonious color scheme and a polished look. The materials used, including aluminum and steel, come in a variety of hues and are treated with a resilient architectural polyester for lasting durability against wear and environmental elements. Custom-Bilt Metals extends their craftsmanship to copper and Zincalume® Plus options for those desiring a touch of traditional elegance or modern flair.

Most Popular Gutter Designs Chosen by Customers

Gutter Fascia

Fascia Gutters 7″ or 5″

Fascia gutters, available in both 7″ and 5″ sizes, are a popular choice for homeowners seeking a clean design, streamlined look for their rainwater drainage system. These gutters are installed along the fascia board, providing a sleek, integrated appearance that enhances the home’s exterior. They are known for their strength and ability to handle larger volumes of water, making them ideal for areas with heavy rainfall. Fascia gutters are also customizable, allowing for a selection of colors to match or complement your home’s siding.


OG Gutter Design 6″ or 5″

The OG Gutter, available in both 6-inch and 5-inch sizes, is a classic and versatile design that complements a wide range of home architectures. The “OG” stands for “Old Gothic,” reflecting its traditional curved shape that offers both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence. This design is known for its efficient water handling capacity and ease of installation. It’s a preferred option for those looking to combine reliability with a timeless look.

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Explore our comprehensive range of gutter services in Sacramento, tailored to protect and enhance your home. From meticulous gutter cleaning to ensure proper water flow, to repairs and full replacements using high-quality materials, our services are designed to address all your gutter needs. Whether it’s upgrading to modern gutter guards for debris-free maintenance or customizing the look and function of your gutter system, our expert team has the solutions to ensure your gutters are as effective as they are aesthetically pleasing.